Natural Facelift in Atlanta, GA

Dr. Mike Majmundar, double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, performs natural facelifts for the residents of Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, and the surrounding communities in Georgia.

The Natural Facelift, created by Dr. Mike Majmundar, is a procedure that addresses moderate to severe facial and neck skin laxity. It provides a natural and refreshed appearance with a smooth regular contour that only this technique can achieve.

How does it differ from traditional facelifts? It differs in 3 major ways.

  • Unlike traditional facelifts that rely on pulling the skin to obtain the lift, in our Natural Facelift, tissues underneath the skin are tightened instead followed by a gentle redraping of the facial and neck skin over the tightened tissues. Excess skin is still removed, but because we don’t rely on pulling the skin to get the lift, we can avoid a pulled or overdone appearance everytime.
  • Because the skin isn’t pulled tightly, there is less tension on the incision when sutured back together. When skin is pulled too tightly, it can not only give a person a pulled look but it also causes the scars to widen and become unsightly. This is a problem for women who wear their hair up when working out or for men who have short hair. By avoiding this stress on the skin with the Natural Facelift, the incisions of the Natural Facelift heal almost invisibly allowing the person to wear their hair any way they want.
  • Greater than 90% of patients undergoing the Natural Facelift do not complain about pain. Every person has a different pain tolerance and, as such, pain medicine is provided to every patient; however, greater than 90% of patients undergoing this procedure use nothing more than Tylenol.

Natural Facelift candidates are usually women in their 50s-90s who are healthy, social, and active individuals but feel they look older on the outside than they feel on the inside. Because of the Natural Facelift technique, it is extremely popular not only in the Caucasian skin type but also among darker skin types including ethnic skin as the technique minimizes the stress on the incision and, as a result, minimizes the chance of scarring, including keloid scarring.

The downtime with the procedure averages 12 days. The first week, we ask our patients not to perform any heavy lifting, bending over, or strenous activities. On day 7, we let our patients resume those activities but bruising and swelling usually takes, on average, 12 days from the date of surgery to resolve. Patients do not complain about pain with this procedure and most individuals will use Tylenol for pain relief if needed.

Surgery: Outpatient
Anesthesia: IV sedation or general anesthesia
Procedure Length: On average, 2 – 2 ½ hours
Recovery: On average, 12 days for bruising and swelling to resolve.